ZenMuma founder, Jackie Heffer-Cooke has been working with expectant and new mothers for over 10 years. Her experience and knowledge in the fields of pregnancy, birthing, babies and new motherhood is unrivalled in the UK. As such, she is often consulted for regional and national print and online publications.

Jackie can speak, provide quotes on the following topics: Pregnancy, Hypnobirthing, Yoga, Pregnancy Yoga, Baby Yoga, Children’s Yoga, Movement and Mindfulness, Inductions, Tinnitus, Massage for Pregnancy, Induction Massage, Massage, Preparation for Labour.

Please see below for a list of press coverage.

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Bury Free Press

“A hypnobirthing and yoga teacher training school is being set up in Bury St Edmunds.

This growing trend in childbirth is said to be favoured by Kate Middleton and celebrities Angelina Jolie and Jessica Alba and is used to relieve anxiety, pain and fear during childbirth.

ZenMuma was founded by Bury St Edmunds born Jackie Heffer-Cooke who is establishing training sessions at The Self Centre in Kempson Way, Bury St Edmunds.”


Nottinghamshire Live

“A new school in Nottingham is aiming to teach techniques that could reduce the pain and anxiety many women feel during childbirth. Jackie Heffer-Cooke, of Norwich, made the switch from a high-stress job as a television executive to focus on a more family-friendly career teaching hypnobirthing.”

carly rowena

Carly Rowena

“This weekend we’re at the beach with the wonderful @zenmuma learning Hypnobirthing & i honestly couldn’t be more excited for the waves to start happening so that we can retreat into our own little bat-cave & meet bump!” - @carlyrowena on instagram


Muddy Stilettos

“If you're looking for a career that is flexible, social, rewarding and a little bit ZEN - let me introduce you to the wonderful world of ZenMuma!”



5 Reasons why being a ZenMuma Instructor is the perfect career choice for mums.

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Mother & Baby Magazine

Birth Partner Bootcamp. Meet the expert - Jackie Heffer-Cooke, founder of ZenMuma, a teacher training school for hypnobirthing, and mum of two.



Why baby groups are good for the mum and the baby by Jackie Heffer-Cooke.


Norwich Evening News

Jackie Heffer Cooke, talks the importance of wellness and support groups to new mums to get them away from the ‘domesticity of new motherhood.’


Norwich Evening News

Baby yoga instructor Jackie Heffer-Cooke explains why she believes both baby and mum can get a lot out of a little yoga time.


hypnobirthing courses

East Anglian Daily Times

You don’t have to look too hard to find a woman with a horror story to tell about childbirth. Jackie Heffer-Cooke is one of those women but she also knows that having a baby can be altogether different, less fearful and more empowering.