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Once you have completed your training, if you want to be a ZenMuma licensed teacher, then we can help you invest in your journey thoroughly with the ZenMuma licensed route. This is for a complete empowered start-up and ongoing support through our ZenMuma Family Hub.

Become a ZenMuma license holder for only £1200 a year – just £100 a month. Minimum contract of one year.

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ZenMuma Family Hub

The Family Hub provides complete support for start-ups. It is our intention to empower and support you to really get your business right. We have therefore come up with a multi-layered approach of support from which you will have direct access to exclusive content, advice, inspiration and mentoring.

The Family Hub will include:
- A new ONLINE lesson plan delivered every week for the first 3 months, so you can really watch the classes, use Jackie’s content, and teach it in your own unique style.
- Regular marketing photos, graphics and videos.
- Ongoing support, plenty of teachers blogs and fresh ideas for your lessons each week.
- Advice and blogs on how to market your business. 
- Customer journey advice. How to retain clients.


Marketing Support

Complete usage of Logo, ZenMuma name and brand guidelines.

A ZenMuma branded and SEO optimised landing page and listing on the ZenMuma ‘mother’ website.



15% discount off any further trainings of ZenMuma hypnobirthing, pregnancy yoga, baby yoga and children’s yoga

15% off the Business and Marketing 1-Day Training

10% off the ZenMuma Facebook Marketing Package

10% off the ZenMuma Accountancy Package

10% off our annual ‘Nourish Your ZenMuma’ Conference, when we gather to support you with inspirational guest speakers, yoga workshops, advisors, influencers and great nutritious food.


why become a license holder?

Taking the leap and starting your own business can have its challenges. With a ZenMuma license, we give you everything you need to create a successful, viable business. Our license holders are empowered to create their own successful start up business, with marketing support, lesson plans and business advice.

We believe that support can be given in ways that doesn't require our teachers to buy into a franchise. Our license holders instead get access to everything ZenMuma founder, Jackie Heffer-Cooke wishes she had access to when she started out.

To discuss becoming a ZenMuma license holder, please contact Jackie on hello@zenmuma.co.uk


Exclusive ZenMuma Products for License Holders

500 ZenMuma leaflets - with your venue, price and contact details on - £190

A4 ZenMuma posters – with your venue, price and contact details on - pack of 10 - £15

A1 ZenMuma posters - with your venue, price and contact details on - £20 each

Roller Banner for exhibitions - with your venue, price and contact details on - £125 each

ZenMuma branded yoga mat

ZenMuma branded tees


The ZenMuma License Start-Up Bundle - £520

Complete package of branded ZenMuma business and marketing products to help you start and grow your business.

Including ZenMuma business plan template, 500 leaflets, 5x A1 posters, 20 x A4 posters, facebook skins, 1x roller banner for events, 1x ZenMuma Yoga Tee, 1x ZenMuma yoga mat.

*all printed literature will have your telephone number and area of work on it.

ZenMuma Business and Marketing 1-Day Training - £145

15% off for license holders

Learn the essential skills of:
- Making a Living as a hypnobirthing/yoga teacher.
- Building your business sustainably, and how to devise your business plan. 
- Starting classes, finding venues, finding your tribe of clients and keeping them.
- Understand the economics of running your own pregnancy yoga business. 
- Learn how to market your classes effectively
- The basics of paid online advertising
- How to run your social media accounts.


ZenMuma Marketing Package - £275 per month

10% discount for license holders

Let our experienced ZenMuma marketing team help you with your facebook marketing by taking one job out of your hands and scheduling your daily post with a strategy that we know works! Also, option to discuss facebook paid advertising.


ZenMuma Accountancy Package - £200 a year

Let our experienced ZenMuma accountancy team help you keep your monthly accounts in order and submit your tax return every year.


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