yoga at home

ZenMuma founder Jackie Heffer-Cooke has been teaching specialised yoga for nearly 10 years, working specifically with mothers, bumps and babies to encourage exercise, mindfulness and relaxation through yoga. Working with these women, Jackie learnt that often their busy daily lives would prevent them from always being able to attend yoga classes when they wanted to.

After many women over the years requested online yoga videos so that they could continue their practice from the comfort of their living room, Jackie decided now is the time to give busy mums what they need - yoga at home.

yoga at home videos

Watch Taster Classes on Youtube, or Subscribe on Vimeo

Every week, we will release one ZenYoga video; for mumas who want their own practice. One ZenBumps video, for pregnant women between 12-42 weeks, and finally, one ZenBaby video, for mother and baby yoga and baby massage.

We hope you subscribe to our videos, join us on your mat for classes and thoroughly enjoy the 45 minutes of peace they can provide. Namaste.

pregnancy yoga at home

zenbumps - mondays

ZenBumps is pre-natal yoga suitable for pregnant women between 12-42 weeks. Focusing on asanas for pregnancy, breathing techniques and even active birth positions, this yoga class is packed full of helpful pregnancy and birthing advice as well as yoga for mum and bump.

These classes are designed to help expectant mumas bond with their baby, as well as helping to reduce symptoms of PGP and SPD and improve blood flow around the pregnant body.

baby yoga online

zenbaby - wednesdays

ZenBaby is a combination of both post-natal and baby yoga with some additional baby massage techniques too. While easing mum back into fitness after birth, post-natal yoga can help improve bonding between mum and baby and improve mobility and flexibility in the baby.

These gentle classes are suitable from birth up until crawling, so whenever you’re ready to get back into yoga after childbirth, these classes will be here for you online to join in. You don’t even have to leave the house!

beginners yoga at home

zenyoga - fridays

ZenYoga is yoga for Adults, suitable for either beginners or intermediates. Starting with the building blocks and fundamentals of all good yoga practices, postures, poses and sun salutations.

These classes are perfect for busy mums who want to find some time in their day to unwind, and recharge through an energising or relaxing yoga practice in the comfort of their own home.