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Our full professional Hypnobirthing, Pregnancy Yoga, Baby Yoga and Children's Yoga teacher training courses are all a recognised and insurable certification offered by ZenMuma. These courses can be taken as a CPD to act as further learning or can provide you with the perfect start to begin your new career. If you don't have any previous experience in yoga, or birthing – no problem – our training is thorough and will provide you with all you need to know to get started. 

We can provide you with everything you need to start your new career, including lesson plans, business supportmarketing support, and insurance so that you can start teaching straight away.


Why Train with Us?

Create the life you want and help other women at the same time. Women supporting women at one of the most overwhelming and incredible times in their life’s journey. To help guide women through pregnancy, birthing, baby and beyond is not just rewarding, it is a privilege, and our teacher training by ZenMuma will give you all the training, skills, support and confidence you need to make it happen.  

We believe in attention, intention and authenticity. Our consultants and trainers come from backgrounds in occupational health, physiotherapy, education, medicine, birthing preparation and of course yoga. 

Can I Set Up My Own Business?
Can I Use the ZenMuma Brand if I Want to?

It is your choice.  We are in the business of empowering women, and we want to empower you too! If you want to simply do our training and start your own business and brand, then do. If you want to do our training and then use our branding, logo, reputation, initial lesson plans to get you started, marketing materials and website – then the ZenMuma license option is for you.

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My dream for ZenMuma is to be a family of caring and inspirational yoga and hypnobirthing teachers, where we passionately train expectant and new parents in the tools and techniques of using yoga, breath, positive thinking, mindfulness, self-care, adventure, and humour to navigate their way through new motherhood and parenthood.
— Jackie Heffer-Cooke, ZenMuma founder

Some of our Success Stories so Far…

So far we have over 30 ZenMuma Graduates who have all completed their certifications and are making people happy with yoga around the country! That’s 30 women, supporting other women emotionally and physically, supporting their families financially through choosing to work around their lives and their family, to create a life they want to live. You GO girls!

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Lucy ‘The Yoga Teacher’

Lucy qualified in pregnancy yoga and is already teaching her local mums to look after their bodies and to have a calmer and easier birth, well done Lucy!

I completed the ZenMuma training in pregnancy yoga and post-natal/baby yoga in 2018. It was a great experience, and fun working with Jackie. I was very excited, but also apprehensive, to start a training course having had my own baby (the second one) only just over a month beforehand. But Jackie was very supportive and having my own model to practice with was very helpful!

I enjoyed researching and completing the coursework, and it has enriched my own understanding of yoga and its benefits. I am very pleased to have completed this training and have the knowledge and experience to share the benefits of yoga with other mums and mums-to-be!
— Vanessa Lindsey, pilates teacher & ZenMuma gradaute
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Jaqueline ‘The Swimming Teacher’

Jaq has chosen the ZenMuma license route and has done the WHOLE certification! She has already launched 3 pregnancy yoga classes in South Norfolk! Well done Jaqueline.

I was drawn to ZenMuma training because I did hypnobirthing with Jackie when I was and found it so helpful I wanted to tell other people about it. One if the things I like so much about the courses is the perfect mix between practical and theory as I learn more by seeing and doing than I do by reading and listening. 

As a (former) teacher, I guess what’s great is how the training is almost taught in sections/lessons and the guidance for planning your own lessons is made really simple with the theme ideas.
— Grace Elliot, former teacher & ZenMuma graduate

The ZenMuma Reality

The reason why we know this model works, is that ZenMuma founder Jackie Heffer-Cooke started her own pregnancy yoga, baby yoga and hypnobirthing classes in 2010 in Norwich, Norfolk. A former TV executive she wanted a career that had a great message and meaning, and as a mum who suffered herself from feelings of pregnancy and new mum anxiety, she understood there was a lack of community and support for modern mums.

Her subsequent numerous trainings and then first classes she taught opened her eyes to the demand and the need in her local area for classes to promote ways to stay calm, to form supportive communities and to teach mindfulness and coping strategies to mums – all in an approachable friendly. 

Jackie started with 3 classes a week and was able to take home not just total job satisfaction, but also profit for her family of £12,000 a year. By January 2017 she had built to 8 classes a week, comfortably making upwards of £30,000 a year in a job she absolutely loves, which fitted around her family.  

With our help, you can do that too.  

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