Create the life you want and help other women at the same time. Women supporting women at one of the most overwhelming and incredible times in their life’s journey. To help guide women through pregnancy, birthing and baby is not just rewarding, it is a privilege, and ZenMuma teacher training will give you all the training, skills, support and confidence you need to make it happen.  

ZenMuma Certified Teacher (ZCT)

You will receive full ZenMuma Certification on completion of training. This allows you to be insured to teach, we suggest Balens Insurance as they have always been an excellent and supportive insurer. Insurance costs around £70 a year. Once you are certified and insured you will be ready to start your classes as soon as you like.

Please see our list of individual course offerings to help you decide which course, or package of courses suits you. If you have no previous experience, we can help you start you on your teaching journey. Alternatively, if you are looking to re-focus your career and want complete a change, The ZenMuma Complete Certification is for you. This complete package combines all ZenMuma courses and gives you a recognised, professional teaching certification, that enables you to start teaching as soon as you complete each training.

Our training covers everything you need to know to practise interesting, engaging, safe classes. We also provide extra inspiration and insights to give your classes the ‘Wow’ factor. For many, an important part of the training is equipping you with the tools to start your own business. There is a module included in the ZenMuma Complete Certification called ‘How to start your business’, which provides students with everything ZenMuma founder, Jackie Heffer-Cooke wishes she knew when she came to start her own business over 9 years ago. 



Teacher Training

Learn how to create and run classes that empower your clients to have a positive birthing experience through simple self hypnosis, specific breathing and deep relaxation exercises.

The ZenMuma Hypnobirthing course provides you with a ZTC in Hypnobirthing. 

45-hour three day contact training. £850

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Pregnancy Yoga Teacher Training

Birthing expert, Jackie Heffer-Cooke, has put all of her expertise into one training course to help you give the best safe, all-inclusive, pregnancy yoga classes and  launch your pregnancy yoga business.

 The ZenMuma Pregnancy Yoga course provides you with a ZTC in Pregnancy Yoga.

45-hour three-day contact training.  £750

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Post-Natal/baby Yoga Teacher Training

ZenMuma Post-Natal and Baby yoga teacher training places emphasis on the skills and techniques you are able to teach your clients that they can take and use at home.

The ZenMuma Post-Natal/Baby Yoga course provides you with a ZTC in Post-Natal/Baby Yoga.

45-hour three-day contact training. £650

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Toddler/Children's yoga teacher training

Learn to teach toddler and children's yoga including the full range of yoga asanas appropriate for each child’s age. Jackie will guide you on how to teach and encourage the benefits of yoga in a fun and engaging way.

The ZenMuma Toddler/Children's Yoga course provides you with a ZTC in Toddler/Children's Yoga.

45-hour three-day contact training. £550

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Hypnobirthing & Pregnancy yoga teacher training

Package includes ZenMuma Hypnobirthing course and ZenMuma Pregnancy Yoga teacher training.

 The ZenMuma Hypnobirthing and Pregnancy Yoga course provides you with a ZTC in both Hypnobirthing and Pregnancy Yoga.

90-hour full Teacher Training.  £1500

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ZenMuma Complete Certification (ZCC)

This fully comprehensive and exciting training will equip you to make a beautifully rounded career for yourself as an expert in your field. Lead women, and their partners, through pregnancy, birth and baby, and child meaning you keep hold of your important community of clients you have built relationships with, all the way through Bump, Birth and Baby and Childhood. A totally rewarding and inclusive training, and a totally rewarding and inclusive career. 

This complete training is everything you need in order to change your career. The ZenMuma Certification provides you with a Complete ZTC in Hypnobirthing, Pregnancy Yoga, Post-Natal/Baby Yoga and Children's Yoga.

180-hour full Teacher Training. £2100

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ZenMuma Business and Marketing Training

Learn the essentials of: Making a living as a pregnancy yoga teacher with our ZenMuma ‘business and marketing guide’, Building your business sustainably, and devising your business plan/strategy, Branding your business, Starting classes, Finding your clients and keeping them, Understanding the economics of running your own pregnancy yoga business and How to market your classes effectively. Please be aware that there is training in business and marketing entwined with each individual course. This is an additional advanced extra.

One day contact training. £145

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To book a place on any of our teacher training courses, please head to our "Shop" and purchase a place on your desired course. Or, place a deposit to secure your place. Alternatively, if you need help or advice with anything, please contact us for more information.

For those are unsure about the courses or packages we offer, please get in touch. Even if you have no previous experience, do not fear. We can still help you on your journey to becoming a fully qualified Hypnobirthing, Pregnancy Yoga, Post-Natal/Baby Yoga or Children's Yoga teacher. Start your career as a Hypnobirthing or Yoga Instructor with ZenMuma.

We hope to see you soon. Love ZenMuma.