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Founder and Teacher

Jackie Heffer Cooke

Jackie is the founder of ZenMumaThe Birthing Tool Kit, and the award-winning complementary health and baby clinic, The Orange Grove Clinic

She is a master in Pregnancy Massage and Specialised Massage Techniques for Baby Positioning, Natural Induction and Labour. In addition, she is also a ‘better birthing’ activist and leads the NNUH MVP as the chair.  

Having worked within pregnancy and birthing for nine years, Jackie has inspired thousands of pregnant women to ease their way calmly, and confidently through pregnancy and birth. Jackie also writes for publications such as Mother & Baby magazine and Babycentre, has a column in the regional newspaper and is often a guest speaker for BBC Radio and Future Radio.

Jackie uses her own sanity tool kit of yoga, breath, self-care, adventure, and humour to negotiate her way through life, and uses all the practises she teaches to stay sane, happy and healthy in her own everyday family life.  

Most importantly, Jackie is a proud mum of two and loves nothing better than family friendly festivals in the summer and muddy wellies in the winter!  

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CPD Instructor

Rosie Taylor

Rosie is a well-travelled, extremely qualified yoga teacher and physiotherapist. Her profession as a specialist Women's Health Therapist and Children's Physiotherapist gives her a unique approach to teaching yoga where she underpins the way she teaches yoga with movement analysis and the anatomical knowledge of physiotherapy. Rosie has extensive experience of working in children's and musculoskeletal physiotherapy within the NHS, East Anglia Children's Hospice and private practice and teaches pregnancy yoga & postnatal core restore Pilates in her spare time. 

Her role within ZenMuma is teaching our one-day CPD on "An in-depth look at pelvic floor healing and helping diastasis" from a yoga teacher and physiotherapists perspective. This Physio-led approach to pregnancy yoga gives our ZenMuma pregnancy yoga teachers the tools to help their students during their pregnancy and post-natal journey.

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