Online courses

ZenMuma Hypnobirthing courses are available for you purchase online and study in the comfort of your own home with your birth partner. Choose from either our essential ‘Birthing Toolkit’, which acts as an introduction to hypnobirthing, or the comprehensive ‘ZenMuma Hypnobirthing online’ course. Learn to birth your baby with confidence with ZenMuma hypnobirthing.

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The Birthing Toolkit

An online childbirth course that teaches you everything you need to know about birthing your baby calmly, gently and naturally.

Created by bump, birthing and baby expert Jackie Heffer-Cooke, the Birthing Toolkit is an online childbirth course that empowers women to have the birthing experience they deserve. It has been created to give you and your partner all the tools, and techniques you need to deliver your baby physically and the calm, confident mindset you need to enter labour feeling calm and in control… all in the comfort of your own home!

The Birthing Toolkit is made up of 13 easy-to-follow video modules. The course is 100% online and you get immediate lifetime access, so it doesn’t matter if you’re at the start or end of your pregnancy. Once you’ve signed up you can take the course as quickly or as slowly as you like.

You’ll learn:

  • The most effective breathing techniques for each stage of labour

  • Active birth moves to assist your babies smooth and easy descent

  • About your birth partners role and how they can best help you in labour

  • Massage techniques to soothe your body and mind during labour

  • Essential birth props that can assist an easy birth, and how to use them

You deserve to have the childbirth experience you’re dreaming of.

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ZenMuma Hypnobirthing Online

Through simple self hypnosis, specific breathing and deep relaxation exercises, Hypnobirthing leads you towards a calm and relaxed birth.  Our aim is to make sure you enter birthing with a feeling of knowledge, control and empowerment: we want you to enjoy birthing your baby.

This comprehensive online course covers everything you need to know in order to Hypnobirth your baby.

Used by celebrities such as Kate Middleton, Harry Kane’s wife, Katie Goodland, Angelina Jolie and Fearne Cotton, Hypnobirthing is the key to a calmer, more relaxed birth that puts you in control, and gives your birth partner an active role to play.

"Having a natural pain relief free birth was the most intense and euphoric experience ever.

My first birth was very different and although all we want is our babies to be healthy, I think it’s important to remember how strong us women can be and what our bodies can do.

Each birth story is miraculous and amazing however it turns out. I just feel grateful I had a positive experience.” - Fearne Cotton

If you’re still convinced by the power of Hypnobirthing, please take some time to read some of Jackie’s successful, moving, and downright amazing birth stories from her last 8 years teaching Hypnobirthing. Read More Birth Stories.