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Jaqueline Coleman

07979 885808


£63 for 7-week pregnancy yoga course.
Or, £10 PAYG.

£52.50 for 7-week baby yoga course.


To book, please contact Jaqueline directly, through her email or telephone number listed above.


Meet the Teacher - Jaqueline Coleman

As a Mum of 2, I felt quite lonely and often isolated. After the birth of my second child, I returned to work for my local swim school at the council pool. I absolutely loved it! In October 2017 I trained as an aqua-natal yoga instructor. Having that close connection with women postnatally in baby swim sessions was so important, and I realised this even more having become a mum myself. It gave them a routine, a community to mix with mums of other little ones the same age as their baby, to know they are not alone, and an opportunity to escape the four walls at home. So why not start these connections earlier, in pregnancy?

And so my passion has grown and grown. To be able to provide classes to those living away from the city. To empower other women and give them strength. To share my wisdom, wisdom I wished had been shared with me prior to the birth of my daughter. Allow women time to self-nurture and bond with their babies pre and postnatally.

To build a community, to simply be there for each other! I hope you’ll join me at a class, so we can be there for each other too.


Pregnancy & Baby Yoga Classes

Norwich School for Girls

Mondays 6.30pm-7.45pm

Monday 12th August- 30th September-(excluding 26th August) 7 weeks

Monday 7th October- 11th November- Norwich- 18:30-19:45 (6 weeks)

Other classes at: Long Stratton Leisure Centre, Hope Church, Diss & Wortwell Community Centre


Wednesday 17th July- 21st August 18:15-19:30- Long Stratton (6 weeks)

Thursday 18th July- 22nd August 18:45- 20:00- Diss (6 weeks)

Friday 19th July- 23rd August 18:30- 19:45- Wortwell (6 weeks)

Monday 12th August- 30th September- Norwich school for girls 18:30-19:45 (excluding 26th August) 7 weeks

Wednesday 28th August- 2nd October- 18:15-19:30- Long Stratton (6 weeks)

Thursday 29th August- 3rd October 18:45-20:00- Diss (6 weeks)

Monday 7th October- 11th November- Norwich- 18:30-19:45 (6 weeks)

Wednesday 9th October- 13th November- 18:15-19:30- Long Stratton (6 weeks)

Thursday 10th October- 14th November 18:45-20:00- Diss ( 6 weeks)


Thursday 12th September- 17th October 12:15-13:15- Diss ( 6 weeks)

Thursday 31st October- 12th December 12:15-13:15- Diss (7 weeks)


Monday 29th July- 19th August 9-10am (8am-9am on 5th August)- Long Stratton (4weeks)