zenmuma Toddler and Children's yoga teacher training

This course will teach you everything you need to begin a successful career and business teaching toddler/children's yoga. The training will cover all ages of children, from tots to teens and will give you a solid understanding of anatomy, physiology and how to specialise yoga to the needs of children. This training covers children age 2 - teenagers.

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In all cases, and for all courses and packages, Jackie does offer a payment instalment scheme. You will need to contact her directly to discuss this option. If you're
interested in enrolling, please pay a deposit to
secure your place on your desired course. 

45-Hour Three-day contact training. £550

The Training 

Good Practise – the experience of exploring children’s yoga. Children’s yoga has to be fun, co-creative, full of adventure and story-telling, it needs boundaries, and safety, and involves community and togetherness. We need to think about the difference in the ages we teach in terms of enjoyment, catching imaginations and the safety needs for growing energetic bodies.

Teaching Methodology and Structure – the building blocks of every class. Specialising yoga to the needs of kids, includes mindful moments, appropriate safe and fun asana, playing with pranayama and specialist and imaginative shavasana. We need to teach the full range of yoga asanas appropriate for each child’s age and encourage the benefits in a fun way. Includes a downloadable manual of children's yoga postures, and how they can be played with.

Anatomy and Physiology – teaching a safe class. A discovery of the flexibility of kids and teaching what’s safe. Development, adaptations, and contraindications, what’s happening throughout growth and what this means for your yoga instruction.

Encouraging Community, Collaboration, Calm and Confidence – the four C’s, working together to support and encourage each other.

Yoga philosophy, lifestyle, ethics and bringing the WOW to your class – exploring the lovely Yogic values of peace, truth, honesty, self-control, freedom, contentment, willpower, insight, surrender and love. Using story-telling and time travel to transport us to meaningful moments.

Getting Practical – Demonstration of safe teaching during the contact hours.

Getting Started - Learn what it takes to start your own business and how to do it from the ZenMuma team.

The Future – Find your venue, download your manual, understand how professional liability insurance works, decide if you want to join the ZenMuma Family Hub and become a ZenMuma license holder or start your own business yourself, and get ready to teach!

Certification – Jackie at ZenMuma will teach you all you need to know to successfully teach inspiring classes of your own and receive the ZenMuma Teacher Certification. (ZTC)

The assessment for certification includes:

Full attendance of the course, 5 short essays, demonstration of safe teaching during the training

children's yoga teacher training

train with us!

Learn how to teach children’s yoga through movement, mindfulness, adventure, stories and songs. Engage with children of all ages from tots to teens with this informative training!

With each training you will receive:

  • Lesson plans for 4 yoga classes and scripts needed to get you started.

  • A downloadable 140+ page training manual, so you have the support you need to develop your classes

  • The ZenMuma stamp of approval logo and selected photographs to use

  • Free access to our ZenMuma Newsletter

  • Free access to our ZenMuma Practitioner Facebook Support Group

  • An invitation to our annual ‘Nourish Your ZenMuma’ Conference, when we gather to support you with inspirational guest speakers, yoga workshops, advisors, influencers, and great nutritious food

In order to enrol in our Toddler and Children's Yoga Teacher Training Course, please pay the full course amount in our 'Shop' to guarantee a place and enrol on the course, or secure your place on your desired course with a £250 deposit, and pay in instalments. Please contact hello@zenmuma.co.uk if you have any further queries.

Please note: all payments are non-refundable and all dates are non-transferable.