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Our full, professional Hypnobirthing, Pregnancy Yoga, Baby Yoga, and Children's Yoga training includes a recognised certification taught by ZenMuma, and insures you to start teaching straight away.  Please see our list of courses to learn more about our offerings.

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Delivered in person by the original ZenMuma, Jackie Heffer-Cooke, and supported by her expert team, we have Nationwide locations suitable for all levels of learners – Find a course near you in 2019/20 – and Book Now

We also provide lifetime access to ongoing support with our ZenMuma Community through our Facebook groups. You can even choose our ZenMuma license pathway, to get started straight away by using our ZenMuma branding, be listed on our ZenMuma ‘mother’ site and have the right to use our name, logos and selected pictures to give your new business the boost it needs to get started straight away. 


why zenMuma?

Teaching pregnant women, birthing couples and new mums isn’t just a job, it’s a philosophy for living which can be shared mother to mother, family to family, woman to woman. It is a community of empowering and supporting pregnant and new mums, and dads too, as they navigate their way through what is one of the most important journeys in their life.

With ZenMuma, there’s an amazing supportive community. You will always have someone to turn to if you need support or ideas.


The ZenMuma Certification Training

Each training will take place over 3 concurrent contact days. Courses will run in Norwich, Bury, Kent and Bristol. The assessment will be in attendance of the full 3 days, 5 short essays, and demonstration whilst training and observation of a short ZenMuma video.

When you have completed the training and assessment, you will be professionally certified as a ZenMuma Certified Teacher (ZCT), with a recognised qualification and once you've acquired your insurance - which we can help you with, you will be ready to teach. For the standalone Hypnobirthing, Pregnancy Yoga, Post/Natal Baby Yoga and Children's Yoga Courses, each training is 45-hours.

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We also offer a variation of packages, which are combined course offerings. There is also the 'Complete Certification', a package consisting of all of the ZenMuma courses on offer. It includes the 45-hour Hypnobirthing, 45-hour Pregnancy Yoga, 45-hour Post-Natal/Baby Yoga, and 45-hour Children's Yoga courses and comes to 180-hours. If you really want to change your life and your career this is a great option as personally you get to follow and build relationships with your clients through pregnancy, birth, baby and beyond, and professionally it means you get to keep your clients without constant new lead generation. A win, win for all.

“I was drawn to the ZenMuma training because I did hypnobirthing with Jackie when I was and found it so helpful I wanted to tell other people about it. One if the things I like so much about the courses is the perfect mix between practical and theory as I learn more by seeing and doing than I do by reading and listening. 

As a (former) teacher, I guess what's great is how the training is almost taught in sections/lessons and the guidance for planning your own lessons is made really simple with the theme ideas.” - Grace Elliot, ZenMuma Graduate

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ZenMuma Empowerment and Support

Once you have completed your training, if you want to be a ZenMuma licensed teacher, then we can help you invest in your journey thoroughly with the ZenMuma license route. This is for a complete empowered start-up and ongoing support through our ZenMuma Family Hub. Become a ZenMuma license holder for only £600 a year, which breaks down to only £50 a month.

“Training with ZenMuma & Jackie for my yoga qualification was fun & definitely one of the best things I've ever done!  Learning through observation of Jackie's online classes as well as practical opportunities to teach along the way helps grow confidence & knowledge.  Great skills all round!” - Michelle Miller, ZenMuma Graduate


The ZenMuma Purpose

ZenMuma teacher training provides you with a meaningful career that works around your family, and your life. It is for women passionate about birthing and new mothering and committed to starting a business which is proven to be successful.  The ZenMuma purpose is to create a family of caring and inspirational Yoga and Hypnobirthing teachers, with whom we share the tools and techniques of using yoga, breath, positive thinking, mindfulness, self-care, adventure and humour so they can empower themselves, and empower those they teach. We hope you join our family, so that we can provide you with the essential ZenMuma family values of empowerment, support and inspiration.

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A word from the zenmuma founder

"My dream for ZenMuma, is to be a family of caring and inspirational yoga and hypnobirthing teachers, where we passionately train expectant and new parents in the tools and techniques of using yoga, breath, positive thinking, mindfulness, self-care, adventure, and humour to negotiate the way through what it means to be a mother, a father, and a family. We hope that as we grow we add to our own self-care and adventures with ZenMuma as we enjoy workshops and retreats for our students, our teachers, and for our own families to come together in collaboration and community.

We hope you join our ZenMuma family, and we promise to provide this same self-care, empowerment, support and inspiration to you too.

I hope to see you soon, love Jackie."


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